Art Line exhibitions 2011-2014

Art Line was a collaboration and network between 14 art institutions, museums, academies around the Baltic Sea 2011-2014.  

20 exhbitions were produced during the project period.
They were made in collaboration between the partner institutions in Poland, Lithuania, Sweden, Russia and Germany.

The exhibitions were shown in Poland, Russia, Germany, Lithuania, Sweden, Belgium and on the passenger ferries in traffic between Sweden and Poland.

Online exhibitions and crossmedia exhibitions were also made using Augmented Reality and Kinect. 

The Storytelling project Telling the Baltic was a project developed in several phases before turning into a transforming exhibition touring around the Baltic Sea. Storycollecting with interdisciplinary methods, workshops with artists and storytellers, touring exhibition and a digital online gallery. 

Exhibitions and installations were also presented onboard the passenger ferries going in traffic between Gdynia and Karlskrona.

Initiator and project leader Art Line, Torun Ekstrand.

Art Line received a Flagship status from the European Commission and was part of the Action plan for the Baltic Sea Region Strategy.

The project was partly funded by the South Baltic Cross-Border Co-Operation Programme.

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Photos from Telling the Baltic works, installations and exhibitions.
Works by Patrycja Orczykowska, Anna Steller; Irma Stanaitytė
Jurgita Remeikytė; Astrid Göransson in the two last photos.

Baltic Goes Digital at Gdansk City Gallery. Above: The sound installation Baltic Sea Radio using the Sea traffic, by Varvara Guljajeva and Mar Canet. Below Audio Elsewhere by Marek Dybuść

Art & Apparatus-project. Workshops, experiments in digital media and waterjetcutting, residencies and exhibition at Ronneby konsthall and Galeria EL in Elblag.

Telling the Baltic in Kaliningrad, Gdansk, Karlskrona, Rostock.
Artist from above: Henrik Lund Jørgensen, installation views and the last photo Johan Thurfjell

Baltic Sounds Good. Sound installations on aft deck of the Stena Line ferries.
Sound installations also in all cabins by Lukasz Szalankiewicz.
Below installation On board by Iwona Zajac in her processual work Patience